Salmon Wrap Around Skirt

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Salmon Wrap Around Skirt
Salmon wrap around skirt in 100% cotton handloom fabric from India; Solid salmon body fabric with beautifully contrasting purple trim in a classic Indian design. Can also be used as cover up after yoga, Pilates or wherever your spirit may go. Designed and manufactured in India in sweatshop free environments. | Pre-washed and pre-shrunk but some rich colors like red may shed color in first wash to get to it’s purity. Machine was separately cold water and hang dry. Or dry clean. Adding 1/2 cup vinegar to cold-water wash will hold all color fast. | Size: XS = 2, Length: 36.5″ (runs very slim) | S = 4-6, Length: 37.5″ | M = 8, Length: 38.5″ | M/L = 10, Length: 38.5″ (and approx. 4″ extra inches of wrap around) | L = 12-14, Length: 41″
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